2017 Fall League


League game schedule (Both Competitive and Development) can be found HERE




It’s time for 2017 Fall League! This year we will have two leagues: Development and Competitive. 又到2017秋節聯賽啦!今年有新手聯賽及中、高級聯賽。
Development League! 新手聯賽
The Development League provides an opportunity for new and experienced players to develop new skills in a positive and supportive environment. 新手聯賽會為新手提供機會進步水平,而且為中級隊員提供機會支持較新的隊員。
– Time 時間: 9:00-10:30pm (Tuesdays) 週二晚上9-1030
– Starts 開始: Tuesday September 5 / 9月5日
– Location地點: So Kon Po (Causeway Bay) 銅鑼灣掃捍埔
– Register 報名:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1JXUYmxuMLNoiksL3Corx890MrUtowgFcecKD87NPEBc/viewform?ts=59828113&edit_requested=true
– Sign up with friends to form teams, or sign up as an individual and be assigned to a team. 跟你朋友一起報名,或自己報名
Competitive League! 中、高級聯賽
The Competitive League is for players with a minimum of 1 season of league, club, or other experience beyond pick up. 中、高級聯賽適合玩多過一年的聯賽及隊伍比賽的會員。
– Time 時間: 9:00-10:30pm (Mostly Thursdays) 主要是週四晚上9-1030
– Starts 開始: Tuesday August 29 / 8月29日
– Locations 地點: Tai Hang Tung (Prince Edward) 大坑東
– Registration 報名: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OCcTgRjYMKn_jwdxiJa1eHV0yj2O9xy3jlCQW01c__I/viewform?ts=5982801a&edit_requested=true
Competitive League Details:
-Teams formed by draft on Saturday August 26 隊伍8月26日會選出
– Sign up as a captain in order to form your team. 報名當隊長可以選自己的隊員
– Players who register for the Competitive league but wish to recruit a friend and join them in the Development league can do so and will receive $50 off their Development league fee. 中、高級聯賽隊員如果想找朋友一起在新手聯賽玩可以從新手聯賽費減$50.
– First game is Tuesday August 29 at SKP, as of Thursday September 14, all games will be on Thursdays at THT. 8月29日的比賽在銅鑼灣掃捍埔進行,9月14日後的比賽在大坑東
Register before 23 August. 8月23日之前報名。
Fees 收費:100HKD/ Members; 250/non-members includes admission to League Party 會員價港幣100元;非會員價港幣250元、包括聯賽排隊
Games go until December. 聯賽12月結束
Playoffs and Fall League party in early December. 季後賽及聯賽排隊在12月進行
Players are welcome to play in both leagues. The directors reserve the right to limit the number of experienced players on any one Development team so as to provide some parity. 你可以兩個聯賽都參加。為了保持公平,在新手隊伍,聯賽總監保留權利限制有經驗的數目。
Both leagues will have a strong emphasis on Spirit of the Game and include spirit scoring and spirit prizes. 兩的兩賽非常注重Spirit of the Game,所以會有Spirit 分數、獎品。
Membership 會員: Membership in HKUPA is $300. You can become a member at registration and save $150 on league fees, plus get all the other great benefits of membership. 會員費是$300. 你可以登記做會員,然後在聯賽費省$150.
Important details 重要信息:
– League fees can be paid to captains, Troy Jones or Steve Man directly or via Bank Transfer to HSBC Hong Kong. Beneficiary: Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association, account number: 809-499338-001. **Please forward your payment slip to treasurer@hkupa.com. Overseas surcharges may apply** 聯賽費可以直接俾隊長,Troy Jones或Steve Man。或銀行轉帳到Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association, 帳戶: 809-499338-001. 轉後請發專帳單到treasurer@hkupa.com
– League fees must be paid in full by October 4 or a 100HKD penalty will be assessed. 聯賽費必須在10月4日前交,否則罰款$100.
– WFDF rules. Check out their site for more info: http://wfdf.org/。 我們跟WFDF規則
– Default gender ratio is 4:3. Captains can agree to 5:2, offense calls. 4男3女但隊長可以同意5男2女
– Games are played to 15; half is at 8. 比賽到15分,半場8分
– Each team gets one time-out per half. 每隊每半場一個暫停
– Pickups are only allowed if both captains agree and will be assessed a fee of $100HKD. 如果雙方隊長同意pickups是可以的但收$100
– Colors will be red and white for all teams. 比賽用紅、白色衣服
Email league@hkupa if you have any further questions. 有問題請聯絡league@hkupa
For new players to HKUPA, check out www.hkupa.com for more info on becoming a member and field locations. 新手可以上www.hkupa.com 找到地點信息和如何成為會員。
Troy Jones,
League Director 聯賽總監