The Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association (the “HKUPA”) is a non-profit organization registered under the Hong Kong Societies Ordinance. The HKUPA is a member (observing) of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, a National Sports Association of Hong Kong and a member of the World Flying Disc Federation.

Our goal and vision is that one day Ultimate Frisbee will grow to be a well recognized and  mainstream sport in Hong Kong. The HKUPA is dedicated to increase both the number of participants in the HKUPA community as well as develop the talent of Ultimate players in Hong Kong.


  • Spirit of the game – that good sportsmanship and fair play is upheld within the community
  • Community – the HKUPA strives to create a welcoming and friendly environment for all who want to participate in ultimate community, both on and off the field
  • Competition – we encourage members to challenge themselves and improve and grow as athletes and Ultimate players

To learn more about the history and other fun facts about HKUPA check out the interview on Ultimateinterviews.com

President: Kevin Ho (president@hkupa.com)
Vice-President: Wanda Yuen (vicepresident@hkupa.com)
Secretary: Holly McHugh (secretary@hkupa.com)
Treasurer: Steve Man (treasurer@hkupa.com)
Training Director: Jason Cancel (training@hkupa.com)
Activities Director: Jenna Bergeson (activities@hkupa.com)
League Director: Gigi Law (league@hkupa.com)
Membership and Social Director: JV Gortney (membership@hkupa.com)
Development Director: Nicholas Tsao and Wilkie Chu (development@hkupa.com)
Communications Director: Henry Han (communications@hkupa.com)

Past Presidents: Steven Lee, Apple Chapman, Neil Gysel

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You can find our Membership Policy here.


HKUPA Harassment Guideline: