Junk (Mixed)

Junk is a competitive international touring team based in Hong Kong. We are a team that wants to gather, train, and select the strongest possible squad, and provide them with the best possible opportunities to go to tournaments expecting results.

We split the year into two seasons. Season 1 starts in August and usually includes two major international tournaments, Hong Kong’s own Pan-Asian Tournament usually run in October and Manila Spirits usually run in November. Season 2 starts in March/April and focuses on the Shanghai Open usually held in June. Junk has also attended Chinese Nationals held in May and is open to sending a team to other international tournaments.

Team selection is typically based on a series of open trainings. The main factors taken into account in the final selections are: skill level, experience, athleticism, commitment and availability. There is a high expectation for attending trainings, trainings are usually held twice a week.

Each new half-year season represents a new beginning, and we will have tryouts for the team at each juncture. This demarcation will allow us to take stock of where we are at, and who we have available for the roster.

If you are interested in trying out for Junk, or just want to know more, please contact hkjunk.ultimate@gmail.com.