BFF (Women) Club Team – Invitation to tryout


Happy New Year, our dear Ultimate Frisbee Sistas!

2017 is going to be a great year for single gender ultimate in Asia and after several months of general training, we are happy to announce the return of Hong Kong Women Club, BFF.

As the first Women’s Club team in Hong Kong, our goal is to develop skills and confidence in our players so to increase our own joy of play as well as our competitiveness in the Asian ultimate scene. Indeed, BFF aims to provide a club experience where members can support and encourage each other to develop in a competitive but friendly atmosphere.

Throughout this year, thanks to the support of HKUPA Board of Directors and the dedication of Jana and Luisa, our top goals are:

To establish and nurture our female player community based on the principles of inclusion, transparency and open dialogue

  1. To establish a structured training program aimed to develop skills that are lacking to form well-rounded players
  2. To grow confidence in ourselves and our capabilities to have loads of fun while playing competitively

In order to achieve the above, we need support from all of you. Since Ultimate Frisbee itself is a team sport, we need numbers to justify and compete for field allocation, we need numbers to run structured long term training, we need numbers to field a complete team to compete at the major single gender tournaments that are finally available to women players in Asia.

If you resonate with our vision and if you’re ready to commit to your personal growth, please join our tryout on January 15th at Shep Kip Mei Park at 3pm.

Please fill this form ( ) to help us understand your availability.

Practices will run from mid January until June and we aim to send a team to the following tournaments:

  1. SHingles 2017 (Shanghai Open/ Women’s) March 11-12
  2. AOUGCC 2017 (Manila) August 17-20

Additionally, it is possible that members of BFF will combine with members of HK Open’s team to compete together at Shanghai Open in June (mixed tournament).

Please do not hesitate to contact Luisa ( or Jana ( if you have any questions.

Let’s show Asia who’s wearing the pants in HK 😉

Jana & Luisa