HK Pan Asia Tournament 2017

(20171015 13:11)

As it is expected Typhoon signal no. 8 will be on for the rest of the day, as known as the field will not be opened in the afternoon as well, we are officially calling off games for the rest of today. Really sorry, especially for those who flew in for the tournament. I hope you had a good time yesterday and at the party, last night!

Remember you can check PikaPage to see your scores and stats. We will follow up with your spirit scores soon.

Thanks everyone, and hope to see you for HKPAT 2018!

由於天文台預計8號風球會在日間餘下的時間繼續懸掛, 亦即是球場在下午將會繼續關閉, 我們決定取消所有賽事. 很抱歉! 尤其是專程飛來香港作賽的飛盤選手. 希望你們昨天和昨晚有好的時光.

你們可以在PikaPage查看你隊的成績. 我們會跟進你們的Spirit Score.

謝謝你們見諒. 希望明年香港泛亞洲錦標賽再見!


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