Spring League 2018

Spring League 2018 Schedule 春節聯賽時間表:



HKUPA would like to invite you to be a part of our Spring Leagues. This year, we will offer 2 different leagues: Women’s and Open. Both leagues are open to players of any skill level.

In Women’s League, players will be divided into four pods. In the first week, pod1 and pod2 will form a team to play against team of pod3 and pod4. Next week it’ll be pod 1 and pod 3 vs pod 2 and pod4. Week after is pod 1 and pod 4 vs pod 2 and pod 3. And then the whole cycle repeats. The pods forming the winning team each week gets 3 points, losing pods get 0, when draw all pods get 1 points.

在女子聯賽, 隊員會分成四個小組. 第一個星期, 組1及組2合組對組3及組4合組. 第二個星期, 組1及組3合組對組2及組4合組.  第三個星期, 組1及組4合組對組2及組3合組.  然後重覆這個循環. 勝組得3分, 輸了的小組得0分, 和的話各組得1分.

Women’s league is a great opportunity for female players to develop skill and confidence. Please help us out by spreading the word to recruit more women players!
Time 時間: 9:00-10:30pm (Thursdays 週四)
Starts 開始: 22 February 2月22日
Locations 地點: Tai Hang Tung (Prince Edward) 太子大坑東遊樂場

Open League will have rosters of around 15 players and a 7v7 format.
Time 時間: 9:00-10:30pm (Tuesdays 週二)
Starts 開始: 20 February 2月20日
Location 地點: So Kon Po (Causeway Bay) 銅鑼灣掃桿埔運動場

Throughout March we lose the So Kon Po fields so there will be both Women’s and Open games on Thursdays at Tai Hang Tung.

**Important Details 重要提示**:
– League is only open to HKUPA members. 必須是HKUPA會員才可以參加聯賽
– League fees MUST be paid prior to the start of the season. Only players who have paid their fees will be assigned to a team. 必須在聯賽開始前付聯賽費用
– League fees are $150 for regular members and $100 for student members 聯賽費是:普通會員$150、學生及新會員$100
– Membership fees are $300 for regular members and $100 for first time members and students. To find our more or become a member go here. HKUPA會員費是$300,但第一次參加的會員及學生是$100. 會員信息
– Women are welcome to participate in both leagues if they wish but there is no price break. 女子可以參加公開組,但無聯賽費優惠
– Playoffs will be at the end of May. 季後賽在5月進行

**Payment Options 付費方法**
Please make your payment through Paypal or HSBC bank transfer 請通過PayPal 或匯豐銀行轉款:

Paypal: Please remit funds to email.hkupa@gmail.com and forward your payment slip to treasurer@hkupa.com
PayPal:轉到email.hkupa@gmail.com 然後寄轉款通知被treasurer@hkupa.com
HSBC Bank Transfer: Beneficiary: Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association
Acct. #: 809-499338-001
匯豐銀行轉款: 帳號809-499338-001
****Forward your payment slip to treasurer@hkupa.com. You must forward your slip, otherwise we may not know it’s you who have paid****
(overseas surcharges may apply)
Cash: You can pay in cash, however, there is a $50HKD surcharge. Payments can be made to the League Director or to the Treasurer. 可以付現金但有$50的附加費。現金可以直接被Troy Jones或 Steve Man

To sign up for Womens or Open league

Registration ends on Wednesday, January 31st at 11pm.

If you have any questions, are planning to captain a team or would like to help with league, please email Troy Jones at league@hkupa.com
有問題,想做隊長,或幫手可以聯絡Troy Jones league@hkupa.com